Best EMF Protection Jewelry

We discussed in previous articles what EMF is, the dangers of it and the different ways of protecting yourself from EMF radiation at home, with an aim to make your home a low EMF sanctuary.

We looked into certain crystals are powerfull at absorbing EMF radiation in your home and how some house hold plants were  proven by NASA to absorb EMF radiation. But what happens when we’re on the move, travelling here and there. How do protect ourselves from the exposure to all the signals and requencies around us in public spaces, that we can’t even see ?

EMF Protection Jewelry

Well, when we’re not within the safety of an EMF protected space, we can still protect ourselves by wearing EMF & WiFi protection at all times. EMF protection that you can wear can come in different shapes and sizes, in the form of beautful jewelry, such as pendants, bracelets and rings.

In this article we will look solely into the best EMF jewelry out there, in it’s various forms and how air travel can actually expose you to increased EMF radiation.

Cosmic Radiation Exposure from Air Travel

Commercial aircraft fly between 31,000 and 38,000 feet in the sky, which is approximately 5.9 to 7.2 miles. The higher the plane goes, the thinner the atmosphere is, which results in less air resistance for a faster flight.

As the plane gets higher in the atmosphere, you are exposed to more cosmic radiation. Cosmic radiation is produced by stars, including our own sun, and enters the atmosphere as invisible waves.

While on Earth, the atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a shield to protect against the harmful radiation from space. However, as you fly higher and higher, that shield thins out, leaving you more vulnerable to cosmic radiation.

Just to get an idea on the magnitude of the exposure, a seven-hour airplane trip will expose its passengers to 0.02 mSv of radiation. Comparing this to a chest X-Ray which is much higher at 0.1 mSv you can say that radiation from flying is less than an X-ray machine, but is also a considerable amount and this where you can protect yourself with EMF Protection Jewelry.

 Pendant Necklace for Close Protection

Perhaps the most common EMF protection jewlery is an EMF protection pendant. It is usually made out of one or more of the EMF protection crystals such as tourmaline, orgonite and shungite. They are mostly pendant necklaces, but the pendant can be detached from the necklace and attached to an ankle bracelet or bracelet.

Below are several designs to choose from that have high ratings on Amazon.

The Q-Link Calrus-SRT brand is a higher quality product and more stylish. It is a credible brand with many positive reviews from professionals.

Sharon D. Montes, MD and former medical director University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine [“I have successfully used and recommended Clarus-SRT products since 1997.”]


EMF Protection Bracelets

There are many EMF protection bracelets on the market. Below are a couple of designs to choose from. Feel free to click through to view many more options.

We will also be updating this page for other EMF Jewelry other than what’s in Amazon, to give the reader more options and a richer experience when searching for EMF Jewlery.

EMF Protection Rings and Ear Rings

Apart from necklaces and bracelets, there are also anti-emf rings and ear rings sold on the market for that added bit of protection and they look attractive too and make cool gifts for people you care about. The ear-rings below are made out of Shungite, a powerfull crystal for dealing with EMF radiation.



There are many ways of protecting yourself against EMF radiation, but when you’re travelling or on the move, EMF Protection Jewelry and an RF/EMF Protection Phone Case may be your best bet to be one step ahead of these invisible frequencies.